Our Story

Duran Duran. That’s what started it. On a hot summer day, our founders were listening to the song “Rio.” As Simon Lebon crooned, “a cherry ice cream smile I suppose it’s very nice,” they envisioned a cherry, banana and almond pop named “Durana Durana.” And, the concept was born.


2014 - Major Tom Launches

Boombox was founded as Pops and Rockets in 2014 by two childhood friends who grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the 1980’s sharing a love of music. One, an artist, the other, an entrepreneur with a vision of bringing gourmet frozen pops to the world. They merged their unique talents and passions to begin making unique pop flavors in their home kitchens and selling them at local farmers markets and events. They quickly grew, with sales doubling in their first year. They moved in to a commercial kitchen in 2015 and purchased equipment so that they could begin selling wholesale. We added to our vision a partnership with a local dairy farmer and began sell ice cream in addition to our pops. In 2017 the first “pop lab” was opened in Lake Charles, LA to serve our fans and now it’s time to start our road tour!

2018 - Cha...Cha...Cha... Changes!

To solidify our brand, we renamed Pops and Rockets to BOOMBOX in 2018 and began talking to fellow pop lovers about opening more stores.

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